About us

The journey to Good Frances

Hello and welcome! I’m Dianah, the founder of Good Frances. 

Our name comes from my grandmother, Frances, who bore eight children through world war two, was everyone’s eternal mother, and gifted me with my middle name.

 She loved children fiercely and was a passionate believer in education for empowerment.

After living and working in human rights in New York and Cambodia for the United Nations and travelling to as many remote places through Asia and Africa as my wanderlust took me, I saw again and again how fundamental access to electricity is to a child’s education.


Millions of children across the world live without electricity. 

Without it, they often can’t travel home safely after school or finish their homework at night and their families often can’t cook, earn a wage, or feel safe walking around the village.

With no clean source of light, their families often have to rely on dangerous alternatives such as home-made kerosene lamps, which can be expensive, a poor source of light and give off a toxic black smoke which can fatally harm the health of those living with it.

The beauty of light

When i thought about light, I realised it has always been my trusted source for warmth, safety, and reassurance. 

One of my favourite balms after a long, busy day is one of humanity’s oldest and most sacred rituals of light – that of striking a match, feeling the rise of fire between my fingers, and lighting a candle. 

Sinking into the relaxing hypnotism of a flame’s patterned dance and a scent’s delicate reach as it warms the room around me. 

My love of that sacred ritual has taken me through chandlery and perfumery classes, and travels through scent creations, onto the journey of curating light through Good Frances.