Light a candle. Light a life

Nearly one billion people around the globe still live without access to electricity – and of those, 600 million live in rural sub Saharan Africa.

While we know that education is the best hope for breaking free from poverty, children living off the electrical grid cannot work on their schoolwork in the evenings.

Life without electricity also limits their family to cook, earn a wage, navigate their neighbourhoods and feel safe at night.

With no clean source of light, their families often have to rely on dangerous alternatives such as home-made kerosene lamps, which can be expensive, a poor source of light and give off a toxic black smoke which can fatally harm the health of those living with it.

Often siblings who have to study by kerosene light must take turns to study as the dim light and smoke emissions cause their eyes to be irritated. Less study hours means their education simply falls behind – and they might be taken out of school to support the family. By contrast, solar bulbs are more luminous allowing entire families to study and work by their light.

At Good Frances, our mission is to use the sale of our beautiful, sustainable, consciously designed products to provide access to solar lamps for children through our partner solar charities.

 With the launch of our flagship product, our ‘light a candle, light a life’ sustainable coconut candle range over the 2019/20 Australian summer, we are grateful to have already donated classrooms of solar lamps through World Vision’s solar lamp program, providing solar lamps to refugee children in Somalia.

 Refugees in emergency situations are often the most vulnerable of those living without electricity, needing solar for security and illumination of paths to safety, together with supporting children to study in the evening through times of upheaval and reducing kerosene consumption which leads to a reduction in emissions.

 As we grow, we will be working with solar charities across not only Africa, but Asia and the Pacific to get as many lamps to children and their families as we can.

At Good Frances, we love knowing that we are helping customers feel good and do good at the same time – enjoying luxury scent self-care experiences whilst lighting lives.