Our mission

Our mission is simple – to provide a curated, chic luxury scent experience that is also sustainable, affordable and helps improve the lives of children living without electricity around the world. 

light a candle. light a life. 

For every one of our beautiful products sold, we donate 50% of profits to purchase solar lamps, distributed by the charities we support, to children and their families living without electricity, to support their study and their families to cook, earn a wage, navigate their neighbourhoods and feel safe at night - all while reducing their need to rely on dirty, unsafe and expensive kerosene lamps that are toxic to their health and to the planet.

The power of solar.

Solar is a simple, clean and safe source of light and can change the life of a child and their family in providing them with hope and opportunity - starting them on the energy path to an electrified future. 

That’s what drives us – a community of scent aficionados lighting up humanity.